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No Homeless Pets

Aid for pets helps homeless pets in need. By visiting Aid For Pets you are helping our mission No More Homeless Pets to change the lifes of pets in shelters by providing them healthy food and quality medical care, as well as find warn homes!

No more homeless pets imageIn America, there is an overpopulation of homeless pets. There are simply too many companion animals and not enough homes. Thousands of animals are sent to shelters and euthanized each year, many because of treatable medical conditions. Millions of dogs, cats and others pets across the country face euthanasia every year because there are not enough people who will adopt and give them caring homes, which can give these homeless animals another chance at finding happiness.





no homeless pets imageAid For Pets helps make a difference for animals. You can help us every day, every week and every month of the year just by visiting our site. This level of support makes it possible for Aid For Pets to reach and rescue animals in need. When you decide to visit our site or make a donation, you are helping us continue our life-saving programs to help shelters with financial aid for food and medical care for pets. Every day, emergencies such as - natural disasters, large - scale animal abuse cases and puppy mill seizures take place. When disasters strike, animals are too often left in jeopardy. Many perish. Often animals are put down or suffer needlessly because shelters lack financial resources. Aid For Pets provides financial assistance for quality food and veterinary care to shelters nationwide.















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No More Homeless Pets